5. Mar, 2022

What is the purpose of Hobby Musings?

To be honest this will be a place for me to share my hobby. Some people may find it useful and take ideas I have here and run with them to hopefully aid their hobby, others may look at this and view it as terrible and a waste of time, that is their opinion.

I plan on posting about the projects Im working on, any tricks and tips that I come across in the process, and above all actually achieve something that I have hardly ever done - finish a project completely.

Maybe something about me; I started playing with plastic as a kid, back in England, and never got to the stage of being anything other than a complete amateur. Kits were glued together and a rough coat of Humbrol enamel was thrown on, over which were hastily placed some decals, and it was called done. Fast forward many years and with a shipping container full of various hobby stuff, mostly wargaming, all unfinished we arrive here. Not only a return to scale modelling, but also a quest to actually finish projects.

To start this journey with I have chosen the Revell 1:32 Iron Maiden "Aces High" Spitfire MkII. More on this to follow, and when I get my A into G, some videos of one form or another about the build on the Youtube channel that I have set up (link on the home page).

´╗┐That is it for now, check back soon for the start of the journey.