10. Mar, 2022

The Journey Begins

With the Aces High Spitfire kit purchased I also picked up a copy of Ammo by Mig Jimenez Solution Book 10 - How to paint WWII RAF Early Aircraft. The theory behind this is that I will follow it a s a guide to painting the aircraft as I am very out of practice with painting. I have a very strong feeling that an airbrush is an imminent purchase.

Once the box was opened I washed all the spures with dishwashing detergent to remove any release agent that was coating them and may cause issues with the painting later on. The next mission was going through the instruction book and working out what paint is required, then cross referencing the list with the Ammo by Mig paints that are listed in the Solution book, I have decided to try out the Ammo paint for the whole kit so will be able to review the ins and outs of this range.

I will be posting a couple of videos of the build onto the Youtube channel although it is yet to be determined what form these will take.

Due to the nature of the website I am using, I am unable to post photos into these blogs, but I will set up a photo album so everyone can follow the build on here.

Next post will include a list of paints used for everyone's reference.